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Broken Up For Good?

23 Nov

So first, my best friend was going out with Charlie (fake name). He asked her to a dance and she had liked him before so it was all good. But then she figured out that he was a jerk so she broke up with him.

Ok so┬áthen my best friend┬ástarted going out with this one guy (Who had asked to go out with her 5 times before she said yes), lets call him Carder (Fake name). But she also liked this one guy Charlie. So Carder was starting to get kind of obsessed with my friend so she broke up with him and said they would just be friends. But little did he know that she also broke up with him because she herd that Charlie Liked her. So she was starting to like Charlie again, but no. Charlie had to go and screw that up by asking another girl out who hangs out with us. So today Carder was texting her and he was asking her out again and she said she’ll think about it. UGH! Glad I’m not going through that.