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1 day till Thanksgiving!

24 Nov

Ok so who’s excited for thanksgiving? Well I sure am!! Oh and I’d like the thank you guys for visiting my blog. It’s gotten a lot more popular than I thought it would.I just made it for fun but you guys are making it like a real blog. Because of you visitors I decided that I’m going to make a contest!! I’m gonna make a contest page and you can see it by clicking on it in the top right hand corner of the home page. Hope you win!

Ok so I really want to put a twitter account on the sidebar of this site, but I don’t want to use mine so I’m going to post a poll and you guys are gonna vote on who you want on the sidebar. Happy Voting!

Who’s going Christmas shopping on Friday? My mom is but I can’t come because shes getting stuff for me. Eventhough I know what she’s getting me :rollseyes: so that won’t do her much good. No but I’m going X-mas shopping today. And this time, my friend isn’t gonna cancel on me. Not on my watch.