Hi. I’m Caroline and I’m an average middle school girl. This blog is basicly about whatever I feel like saying. So enjoy I guess.

                  So lets start out with some basic info about myself. I have 2 dogs, Gracie and Drake. Drake is a huge male golden retriver and he might be the cutest, but most stupid dog on earth. Graice is a female golen retriver and she is 10. She’s the cutest tiniest thing and she is recovering from surgery . My favorite color is purple. It has been sice I was 3. In church I would always be like “Mommy look at the purple candle,”. I have a HUGE case of arachnophobia, but I still love that movie . My favorite books are the Hunger Games series, The twilight series, the host, the harry potter series, the shiver series, and much more (can you tell I like to read?). My favorite song is Just the Way You Are buy Bruno Mars. My favorite movies are Avatar, Mean Girls, all the Twilight Movies, the Harry Potter movies, and No Reservations.

                  Well thats just about all I can think of right now. Post more later bye!!



2 Responses to “About”

  1. violet<3 November 23, 2010 at 9:25 pm #

    You don’t have to approve this, but I was just wondering if you wanted to guest write on my blog. Its http://www.grabbaggin.wordpress.com. I just need you email address to request you as a contributer. Email me at ernie6191@aol.com

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